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Our team, at your service

With its 30 years of experience, our firm has carved out a place of choice in the circle of employment agencies in Montreal. Our rigor and our methodology lead to conclusive results which retain our customers.

Specialized in the recruitment of administrative personnel, our team stands out for its know-how, its effective selection tools and its personalized approach. When the time comes to find a resource of choice, Bray, Larouche et Associés puts all its expertise at your service to create a successful match.

Permanent Recruitment

Active listening, proactivity and professionalism are at the heart of our priorities in order to build a productive partnership. The challenges of recruiting stimulate our team and it is with insight and expertise that we select the resources that will help you progress. 

Temporary Recruitment

For a day, 6 months or a year, we have the resources you need to lend a hand to your teams.

BLA places hundreds of temporary employees per year in all industries. From volume to singular case, we are here to help you.


Our expertise

Each of our divisions is run by experienced team leaders. Each of our qualified, tech-savvy experts share their recruitment know-how to help you find the perfect position or the ideal candidate.

Human Ressources


To fill your permanent positions or your temporary mandates, trust the experience and thoroughness of our recruitment team. Since 1991, we have been working with businesses in Quebec and elsewhere to provide them with excellent resources.







A solution-oriented team


What makes our reputation and our difference?

The experience, stability and dedication of our team.



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